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Holistic Health Membership with Insurance-Like Coverage for it's members.

Are You a Professional Holistic Provider? Does basic health insurance NOT cover your services? Have you lost clients because your services are not covered? Have clients inquired about whether your services are covered by their plans?

The Choice Network is endeavouring to remedy this situation. We are building a network that strives to cover all holistic services.

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The Choice Network is a work-around for insurance coverage of services

Therefore we are not subject to the same rules as regular insurance and can cover more services....even services from Energy Healers, Health Coaches, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Release Therapies or those not normally covered under regular insurance.

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Becoming a Professional Member will enable you....

......To offer something unique to your clients who cannot get group (work-based) insurance or health coverage for holistic services. And it allows you guarranteed re-imbursement for services rendered to them.

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Intro to the Choice Network

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The Choice Network...

Our Mission

We are endeavouring to become the largest holistic referral network in North America.

Holistic Health Coverage

Holistic Health CoverageBuilding coverage for holistic health  beyond the basic four normally provided by regular health insurance, plus many other benefits in the system.

Education Platform

Promote yourself as a professional in our Educational Platform. 

Promotional Avenues

A fully targeted system of holistic minded individuals with several promotional tools within the network including the referral directory, social media & more.

Wellness Tools

Built-in tools to help clients find the holistic specialist they need including a symptom/disease searchable directory.


Earn from your membership through claims submission & referrals.

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Offer something better for your clients

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